Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Jan 25

Sarah Lavender Smith’s not-so-great 100 miler ultramarathon has her questioning whether she’ll run one again. I’d be happy to have the ability to travel to and start a 100 miler right now.

Runner’s World: Nick Willis has run a sub 4 mile every year for 19 years straight. That’s longevity.

Are we no longer allowed to look like slobs when we’re on the trail? Must everything weigh next to nothing? When did form trump function as a buying preference, and who can afford all of this?

Adventure Journal: Since when do we have to be stylish on the trails?

UltrarunningHistory: An in-depth history of the first official Western States Endurance Run in 1977. Excellent read.

Amy Leedham writes about her postpartum experience no one wants to talk about…but should.

iRunFar joins a large media group. Curious to see how/if this changes anything.

Run Spirited: Ashley Winchester escaped an abusive relationship and is making up for lost time by taking on some tough FKTs.

HOKA 100k: Jim misses the World Record by 12s, but sets the new American Record with a 6:09:26, while Camille DNFs and France’s Audrey Tanguy grabs it for the ladies. According to Tim Tollefson’s announcing at the event, this was Tanguy’s first road race ever. Something tells me we’ll see Jimbo give it another shot soon and that we’ll see Tanguy in the future. Full results here. And here’s a highlight video of Jim’s run.

Semi-Rad: Ten post-workout recovery methods that have’t been proven to work…yet. Very funny.

Throwback Monday: URP Daily News from January 25, 2013.

Catching up with Ruby Muir. I didn’t know much about her before, and now I really like her!

Sorry about the weather, Midwesterners. 🙂

–Northern California runners: Put this place on your map/calendar. AllTrails says there’s only 7 miles but there’s a lot more. Yes, it’s deep in the mountains east of Napa but well worth it.

ABC: Real competition, not cash, is drawing elite athletes to track meets.

Hijabi Runners is a group of Muslim women who are breaking stereotypes and having fun on the trails and road.

The LetsRun MENSA Team is discussing trans athletes.

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