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Toni Reavis raises a great point about the difference between race directors and race promoters.  It is a race, or is it a real competition between athletes? Of course the common refrain in the ultramarathon world is that it’s the runner against the course, but everyone likes to see tough competition, right?  Which ultras/RD fit in the race promoter category?

Without looking, who was third male OA at Western last year?  He’s selling one of his buckles on eBay and some people are freaking out. What do you think? Just a buckle, or something more?

Sarah takes a trip down memory lane with stories of how she started running.  And check out those bangs! (That’s Sarah on the left.)

If you’re in Northern California and looking for a new trail (or maybe ultramarathon? Who knows!) idea, check out this race.  You won’t know the date and location until a week prior, and the distance and trails won’t be announced until you’re at the starting line.  Sounds like fun.

Coach Vance has some strong words and opinions on Ryan Hall’s career. Thoughts?

Read this: Jean Pommier is a tough masters runner who excels at distances from the 5k to 24 hour, trails, roads, and track.  Here, he extols the importance and virtues of track workouts. 

Jeff Browning’s report from HURT and his analysis of whether the OFM diet helped with his win.  Here’s my interview with Bronco Billy from last year.

Full weekend ultramarathon and trail results from Justin at IRF.

I had no idea there were so many devices to help you take a dump in the woods. There’s the Loop n Poop (some call it the Strap & Crap), the Bumper Dumper, and the Squat Strap, which wins it for the funniest video.  Ever tried any?

My favorite philosophical/running blogger writes about the weirdness of the elliptical, and I couldn’t agree more.

Again, if you don’t like the race/registration rules and policies, don’t enter the damn race.



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