Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Jan 26

Justin Mock/IRF run down the top trail and ultramarathon results from this past week. Jasper Halekas? There’s a name from the past! Glad to see him back. And Kaytlyn Gerbin continues her incredible string of finishes.

Special congratulations to Candice Burt for finishing third overall (1st F) at the inaugural Delirious West 200 miler in Australia last week. Nice work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love breakdancing, but I still hope this article is a spoof.

“It was world’s most interesting fartlek,” Oliver said.

–Philadelphia running group chases down a bad guy.

Good article in The Guardian asks “what drives solo endurance athletes to go it alone?”

The new Mountain Outhouse episode is right here.

Check out Alison’s Fast Women newsletter to catch a female-centric focus on running results from this past week.

It’s the only Oscar nominated movie I’ve seen recently and it won last night! Congratulations Jimmy Chin, E Chai Vasarhelyi, and Alex Honnold on this well deserved award for Free Solo.

Kevin brings up a good question about cheating: If people are cheating now with GPS and timing mats, how much cheating was going on back in the day? Personally, there will alway be a certain percentage of cheaters and always will be, but the incentive is greater now because of social media.

Something we’ve all experienced: The poop or fart conundrum.

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