Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Jan 27

IRF/Mock: Justin runs down all the results from this weekend’s ultramarathon and trail events. Lots of smaller races, and some with familiar names. David Riddle and Liz Canty take Mountain Mist. Rea Kolbl runs in Santa Fe along with Rickey Gates, and a bunch of people jump out of a damn airplane to clock the fastest two miles of any race on the planet.

SCMP: UTMB’s race in China has been postponed due to Wuhan’s coronavirus outbreak.

Candice loves running in the dark and has the confidence to conquer the night.

TrailSisters: Meanwhile, Sara likes running in the cold: “Cold reminded me that despite discomfort, I have the power to create my experience via action and thought. Cold showed me that I’m tough, that I’m relentless, and most beautifully, that I’m alive.”

Scott and Jenny Jurek take their babies on a 600 mile bike tour of Japan. And if you somehow missed our interview with Jenny from two years ago, I’d urge you to listen. She’s strong, funny, sassy, and brutally honest.

Didya catch our latest podcast? I chat with college xc and steeple phenom Ryan Haebe who sustained a life threatening head injury, then spent the next few months in a coma and rehab, about whether we’ll be seeing more of him on the trails and what he thinks of the ultra scene. Also, he gives the best answer for “Best Movie Villain” I’ve ever heard, and Gear Editor Ben runs down a ton of new winter gear for you.

Mountain Outhouse: JamJam covers snacks, Jim at AZ RnR, Aussie trail mines, treadmills, Ghelfi on FKTs, OCR PEDs, and more.

Podium Runner: Amby Burfoot reviews the rumors of the VaporFly ban and provides some context.

Here’s what Ross Tucker from Science of Sport thinks will happen with the World Athletics announcement re shoe tech. (Link goes to Twitter feed.)

CTS: Five lessons from twenty years of business leadership.

Katie Arnold writes a neat essay about being a mother runner.

IRF/AJW: I love this idea of “lunch pail days” when you shake your head, grab your sh*t, and trudge out into the unknown for another go.

I’ve mentioned that Saucony is making big plans for 2020 with sponsored athletes and new trail gear…now they’re also running a first-ever Super Bowl ad.

Add this crazy vertical stair race to my when-I-win-the-lotto bucket list.

Science: After watching flies on a treadmill (wait, wut?), scientists have identified a protein that will mimic the benefits of exercise while not requiring any actual movement.

Outside: Interesting article about a runner who was accidentally electrocuted and how it affected her running.

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