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Justin/IRF’s Week in Ultramarathon results.  Not a very busy weekend, but it was nice he gave proper due to Wardian’s incredible achievement.   Here’s our interview with him where he describes the 7/7/7 in detail.  As my dad said, “we’re running out of adjectives to describe him.”

You heard my interview with Gavin Woody last week about the Arrowhead 135. Here’s a live SPOT tracker for the event.  Expected high today: 7 degrees, feels like 1 degree.

You had one job: Make sure the half marathon route is accurate.

Did anyone watch 60 Minutes last night about the moto-doping?  Pretty amazing stuff that further complicates cycling in the 90s and early 00s.  Dopers vs moto-dopers, level playing field?

Headlamps are too expensive and have too many features in my opinion. Check this one out, it even has an “explodes” function.

Cool URP News! If you’ve been listening to URP for more than four years, you remember original host Scotty.  He’s coming back after taking a few years off of focused ultra training with the express purpose of finishing his first hundred this year.  You’ll find a weekly column that tracks his training, goals, mindset, diet, gear choices, and I’m sure a fair bit of self-deprecating humor.  I’m anxious to follow along and see him crush his first big one!

….and one interview coming up this week with an awesome female trail runner/mountaineer/science geek I’ve been wanting to chat with for awhile!

Did you know Walmart has its own craft beer? Anyone tried it?

I’ve always used Pedialyte for long endurance and adventure runs, but did you know it also helps with hangovers?

Update on the rabbit shirt:  Top seven names have been chosen by you (It’ll be Ann & Kaci & Ellie & Frosty & Magda & Nikki & Sally), and according to the folks at rabbit, shirts will be available in about two weeks.  Free gear winners have been notified and are dealing with rabbit directly.  Preorders exclusive to URP readers coming soon.  Thanks again to rabbit for doing this and to all 1600+ of you for voting! I can’t wait to wear mine!

Germany sees the beer mile and responds with this: Swimming in a river while being handed giant steins by reizvolles madel.

All discovers happen from “I don’t know.”

Quadruple amputee climbs Mt Kilimanjaro.  What’s your excuse?

Awesome: “Trail” running in Volcano National Park.

Good interview with Kara Goucher re: USATF, retirement, Clean Sport, and more.

Patron News: One exclusive podcast coming up this week and one giveaway.  Thanks again everyone!

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