Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Jan 31

Start your week off with a fartlek run in Iten, Kenya. Holy hell look at that pace!

IRF/TWIR: All the results from the trail and ultramarathon events from this past weekend, some cancellations, and a little bit of a look ahead.

I love everything about this video. Great Aussie storyteller runs with a wheelbarrow and crowbar to remove a rock that his running buddy tripped on.  Try not to smile while watching this guy.

I’ve been trail running now for almost 20 years, and this race is the most fun I’ve ever had at an event. I mean, where else can you spike to the top of a mountain at sunset and run down in the dark with your best friends running beside you? And then challenge them in the costume contest dance-off in the afterparty?

This uphill race in Flagstaff sounds like a pretty good time. I was surprised I didn’t see anything about it from other runners.

Nick Willis has run a sub 4 min mile for twenty years straight. 

Coming to an aid station near you: The chili cheese keg.

Female hiker in Scotland harassed on the trails so the local trail running group organizes a self-defense class for hikers and trail runners. Nice work.

This Japanese fella ran fifty ascents of a 4km hill near Tokyo. Better than his last big run where he ran around a damn tree for 54 hours.

While reading about that effort, I found a picture on this page (2nd pic down) that I’d love some help on. What are those poles the guy in the yellow is using? Are those used for a disability or are they some new trekking tool? What are the straps used for? Anyone have any idea?

Super informative video about how the HAM radio operators do their thing at Bigfoot 200. They’ve got their hobbies and we’ve got ours…but theirs helps keep us all safe! Remember to stop by and thank the HAM teams whenever you see them at a race.

Our hero worship of Steve Prefontaine is racist. Of course it is.

Once this trail is rebuilt and completed, I must find a way to get there and run it. Bhutan has been on my bucket list for a long long time.

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