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It’s the first day back to work/school and you need a distraction, right? Here are the top ten trail and ultramarathon movies from 2020.

RD Report: Doc Horton reports on Hellgate 100k, Covid Edition.

Country music singer is on a run on New Years Eve, finds a dead body, alerts authorities, and speaks with the family.
I guess the era of “My ol lady left me so I got drunk and shot my truck” is over, and “I was on a shakeout run, saw a dead guy, paused my Strava, and noted my average pace” is here to stay.

Tech: If your GPS watch went haywire over New Years, you weren’t alone. DCRainmaker has all the details, and it looks like it should be good now.

How many times have you started an adventure with “this is either the best or stupidest thing I’m ever gonna do”? (Me: Every time.) ORM’s Matt B Davis sets a new/only FKT on the 61 mile Silver Comet Trail which runs from the Alabama/Georgia Line to Smyrna, Georgia.

Forbes: Pliny the Younger release, Covid style.

Canadian Running Mag: Jim Walmsley, new HOKA athlete Camille Herron and others HOKA athletes will compete in a brand-sponsored event this year in hopes of breaking the 100k world record. As much as I like these races time trials, I really wish the athletes would try for these records in actual races.

Speaking of sponsors, aside from Camille moving from Nike to HOKA, I can’t think of any other athletes who switched teams. Am I missing anyone?

Cyclists riding in the Olympic Games may miss the Tour de France due to quarantine rules.

IRF: Catching up with Andy Jones-Wilkins. I think we’ve all heard a lot about AJW’s running, so it was nice to hear about his professional life too. Is it true that the students don’t get diplomas, but instead are granted belt buckles? Ha!
Sounds like an awesome school! (My eyebrows furrow and I ask…but what’s it cost?)

Translation: Plenty of outlaw races this year. Woohoo!

This is good I guess? China criminalizes doping.

Japanese Running: Thrilling finish on day one at the Hakone Ekiden.

A South African newspaper wrestles with whether ultramarathons are “good for you” physically and mentally.

WSJ: Has anyone read this new book about the excesses of exercise? Sounds like a good read.

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