Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Jan 4

David Laney was named Ultrarunner of the Year for 2015. Well deserved.  Here are his quick thought on his career, and man they give me hope!  I’ll be chatting him later this week to learn more. Stay tuned.

Jason Friedman has been painstakingly calculating the ultrarunner rankings for about a year.  Here are the results from 2015.  Interesting how the men’s ranking vary significantly from the Ultrarunning Magazine’s rankings, while the women’s variation is far less significant.  Any ideas to why the difference?

New Year, New Ultramarathon?

Speaking of New Years, check out the resolutions of some of our sport’s best.  Rob, a bow drill?

…though apparently we’ll be more likely to keep our goals if we keep them to ourselves.  Not for me. I need external accountability.

Justin/IRF’s Week in Review with all the ATY madness you can handle.

When this pack arrived at my house I didn’t think much of it.  Then Lucas ran, hiked, and climbed the hell out of it through the Sierras and made me regret giving it away. Here’s our comprehensive review of the Klymit Dash 10.

Performance Enhancing…Apparel.  Does it work, or is this another example of the Placebo Effect?

Nine mistakes made when people buy craft beer.  See number one? Read it again, hopheads.

Ah yes, Type A overachievers…how to fit in training around a hectic work schedule.

Advice? After many messages, it seems I need either ART or Graston therapy.  Anyone have experience with getting over a calf injury with either of those? Which one to pursue?

Lisa Smith-Batchen is getting ready to run across the damn country. Here’s her how, why, and everything else plan.

And for something less scenic…if you find yourself stuck at the Newark airport for a few hours, here’s a new Strava segment to tackle.

This record has always stood out to me: 134 miles in 24 hours on freaking sand.  Why is running on loose sand so tough? Here’s all the science you need.

These breweries are set to blow up in 2016.  Anyone live nearby?

Alright, one resolution of mine will be to start listening to podcasts, and this looks like a good place to start.

After without a doubt the worst year of running of my life (didn’t finish anything past 30k), posts like Luke’s make me jealous.  Two things: I’ve got to get my calf healed up, and I really need to get up to Washington.

–>Looking for writer/reviewer to help with a few trail shoe reviews.  Can’t adequately review anything right now.  Male, size 8.5 and 12.  Writing/blogging experience required—and please have no affiliation at all with any shoe manufacturer.  Email me here please.

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