Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Jan 9

Might have to cut this short as winds and storms are battering Sacramento and I’m pretty sure our power will crap out soon.

Ultrarunning Magazine’s analysis of this weekend’s trail and ultramarathon results.

If Billy Yang’s new film doesn’t make ya smile, there’s no hope.

Trailrunner Mag: Key differences in the training between road and trail runners.  Good stuff.

Bandera breakdown.

And here’s the perspective of Bandera from the Freetrail Crew.

Curious how this whole Pro Trail Runners Association group will work. Does anyone know if the group has taken any official positions that led to change or is it still in dev stage?

Our industry has a long history of “that’s my trademark!” temper tantrums, and now UTMB goes after Ultra Trail Mt Fuji and forces the races to change its name.

Jammin to Kevin Morby today. This dude has such great energy!

The countdown has started! Riley Brady and Rick Lockwood named #10 female and male UROYs.

Chris Solinsky’s 10k AR from a decade ago still gives me chills. Anyhow, he’s now on the coaching staff at Oregon.

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