Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Jan 9

Ultramarathon Daily News

Justin/IRF break down the weekend ultramarathon results, including Stephanie Howe’s awesome overall win at Bandera.

One question I have: When a race volunteer mis-directs runners the wrong way, is it considered the runner’s “responsibility”?  I ask because of a tweet sent out yesterday post-Bandera by USA Ultrarunning:

I wasn’t there so don’t know particulars.  Any insight or thoughts?

A dry (booze, not rain) January can make you a better athlete.  I’m doing it right now and am surviving, despite having a cooler full of delicious beer staring at me every time I open the door.

Scientific American takes on barefoot running.

Caroline Boller’s interview with Ian Corless from her 50 miler AR.

Next time I’m in Hawaii I’m doing this. Running up Haleakala volcano on Maui.

Maybe domestic RDs can take a cue from how Two Oceans handles bib selling.  Seems like a simple process, right? (My guess is that RDs will have a different opinion.)

Belgium may be a small country, but it’s influence on the beer world is ginormous. Here’s a breakdown of all the micro/nano breweries opened in 2016 and what beers they’re making. Saint Lazare’s triple Saison sounds particularly enticing right now.

Good stuff: Five things winning ultramarathon runners do.

Two senators (an R and a D) write a bill that would make certain outdoor gear and programs tax deductible by considering them part of medical expenses.  (Link fixed)

Site news: Get ready for a slew of new podcasts this week.  Jamil Coury. Mike Wardian. Alicia Vargo, and more!




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