Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, July 11

iRunFar/Mock: Justin runs down all the results from the trail running and ultramarathon races from this past weekend.

Hardrock Update: Sabrina Stanley will not be running Hardrock this year. She’s one of my favorite athletes so naturally I’m bummed she’s taken a DNS, but hey, she’s standing up for what she believes is right. What I’d be most interested in is to hear how Sabrina thinks the HR Board should change. I understand the complaints and arguments, but what policies specifically should be retired, and which new policies should be adopted to make the entry process more fair?

SF Chronicle: Air quality, fires, climate change, and how it all affects runners.

Trailrunner Mag: Are fizzy waters bad for your bones?

I didn’t realize Camille Herron started her menstrual cycle on the day of Western States. Yikes! In this podcast, she discusses it in depth.

Badwater starts today. Here’s how and where to follow along.

Short film about how a group of trans men found trail running.

Haha. Somewhat relatable?

Jamil got some sweet footage from Broken Arrow. Check out the 52k right this way.

Outside/Prelle: Time to revisit a touching essay by Monica Prelle about losing her dad and what running meant to their relationship. Grab a tissue and tuck in.

Many of you have been with URP since the beginning. Guess what? Sunny turns 13 today.

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