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Ultramarathon News From Around the World

Yes! Getting tougher for trail or ultramarathon racing with mental specificity training.

Olympic Trials were pretty awesome this weekend, and Bernard Lagat’s 5k was really awesome and Brenda Martinez’s redemption was sweet.

And of course, the men’s steeple was fun to watch. Evan Jager is a beast (and Hilary Bol ran a hell of a race.)

Speaking of the Olympics, this new hidden camera documentary has some pretty damning evidence against some Kenyan (and UK and other) athletes.

Good stuff: Is stress slowing down your running?

For any runner who’s been injured and missed a race, read this: Amelia’s Finding Joy in the DNS.  And if you missed it, here’s our interview with her from earlier this year.

Leslie’s Mt Washington Road Race report…ends with a Heady Topper!

Read Traci Falbo’s account from the oldest and largest ultramarathon in the world: Comrades. And here’s her interview with me from last year.

Love it: These two guys are hiking the Colorado Trail with gear and clothing from the 1860s.

Uncle Larry gives praise to a race that’s had a rough time in the past few years and gives some sage pacing advice.  And a 6pm Fri start for a hundred sounds pretty cool.

Here’s a fun run/scramble up the UK’s highest peak.

Justin/IRF’s weekend roundup of trail and ultramarathon results.

Video: Meet the Elite Runner.

This post-run, post-controversy interview with Rob Young is good, but there are still many questions left to answer it seems.  I haven’t followed this closely at all, but it looks like everyone has learned a lesson what not/to do when taking on a big record attempt.

You’ve heard Matt Flaherty’s music at the end of most recent podcasts. Check out this track and its lyrics. Well done, Matt.

Personal Note: You know how sometimes a normal run just beats you up? That’s what I’m going through right now! A normal 15 miler on Saturday has me still limping around the house.

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