Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, July 13

Want to be a mountain ultramarathoner like Núria Picas? Here’s how.

Ford contributes some bullet point thoughts from his Western States adventure.

He did it! Jurek gets the AT FKT. Here’s Ian’s rundown of the whole adventure.

Meanwhile, Ghelfi and Ryan Matz set a new FKT on Oregon’s 40 mile Timberline Trail.  Here’s a great report.  I’m curious about this new Kyger pack from Nike.

And in other FKT news, my buddy Sean Raney set a new FKT for an unsupported Tahoe Rim Trail adventure by about 2.5 hours. Nice!

Why do you run? It’s an interesting question to try to answer.

Here’s a contest I want to win. Keep the gear, just gimme the time to go on a brewery tour!

So is this becoming a thing now? Finishing major races with one second to spare? Pretty inspiring videos! I know Foote was there at the finish. What other top finishers stuck around?

If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t be buying jewelry and boats. I’d buy rad camper vans and Unimogs.

And I’ll have to agree…the Mount Marathon/Hardrock 100 double header is pretty freakin impressive.

I reviewed this beer on Friday…my favorite session sour of the summer. Now say that with puckered lips!

If you’re in Sacramento in mid August, there’s a good lineup of speakers at the XC/MUT conference. Magda, Speedgoat, Jen Benna, Travis Macy

Do you eat your fruits and veggies? Most Americans think they suck.

Good stuff: How to train your brain to run faster.

I saw Death Cab for Cutie on Saturday night and noticed the African Attachment backstage. Hmmm, interesting place where worlds collide.

interesting study/analysis on how people change their diet and workouts when eating bars with “healthy” and “fitness” labels.

These types of issues pop up in MUT events sometimes, too, especially in areas with an abundance of race companies.

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