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Eric is off gallivanting across the globe for the next month, and today is the first of a series of guest authors.
I’m Brad Bishop, from Fort Collins, CO. I’m co-Race Director for Gnar Runners, Hardrock’s Aid Station Director, and on a personal quest for 10 lifetime Grand Slams (2 down, 8 to go).

IRF/Mock: Results from the ultramarathon and trail racing scene.
With the summer racing season fully underway, results are coming in by the bucketload. A few thoughts:
-Nice to see solid national and international representation at this weekend’s pair of Silverton races – Kendall Mountain and Silverton Alpine. Even with the cancellation of Hardrock, there’s a good sized crowd in town.
-Coming in after Justin’s publication deadline, Greg Armstrong won his fourth King of the Road at the Last Annual Vol State Road Race, and now holds both the Crewed and Screwed course records. (And if you haven’t been reading the entrancing prose of laz’s twice-daily race updates – BOOM – there goes your next hour.)
-Badwater starts tonight, continuing the recent move to a night start after the 2014 debacle when new park management denied it and several other Death Valley races permits while they conducted an abrupt “safety assessment”

One of the longest-standing track world records (23 years) was broken this weekend, with Sifon Hassan setting a new women’s mile record in 4:12.33.

In a must-read for ALL women runners, former URP Podcast interviewee Amelia Boone shares about her ongoing struggle with an eating disorder, how it has impacted her life and running, and what we each can learn.

I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere, but one race into the 2019 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning, Gediminas Grinius sits over a half hour ahead of the record pace set by Ian Sharman in his epic 2013 battle with Nick Clark. Leg 2 (for Grinius) is this coming weekend at Vermont.

Davy Crockett of Ultrarunning History has been on a Tarahumara kick recently, with his usual well-researched stories about a 100 mile trail race in 1867 (more than century before Western States was founded) and women marathoners in 1927 (well before Kathrine Switzer’s heroic Boston run in 1967).

New York Times profiles Leadville 100 Champ Katie Arnold and really brings her every(wo)man-ness to the forefront. Motherhood as training FTW – literally.

A 21:15 100miler is impressive regardless of context. Doing it as a W70 competitor? Daaaannnng. Yes, that was a new world record – by over two hours.

US Life Expectancy drops for 3rd year in a row, longest continuous drop since WWI.

Tempting to write this off as pop-science, but Freakeconomics reliably does their research. The Zero-Minute Workout – can a pill mimic the effects of exercise?

Scientific monitoring of team members’ menstrual cycle helped optimize the USWNT’s performance in their World Cup championship.

Despite the lack of its main event, Camp Hardrock is in full swing, with over 20 events in Silverton, CO this week. I’m organizing Thursday afternoon’s softball game – come on by!

Speaking of Hardrock, fantastic profile by Garrett Graubins of some of the veterans legends of the run – Kirk Apt, the Betsys, Roch Horton, Blake Wood, Billy Simpson and many more. If you want a terrific sense of the Hardrock community but can’t make it to Silverton this year, read this.

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