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Full results from trail and ultramarathon events around the world right this way. Can we add Wardian’s 5:42 mile the day after Hardrock (and at 9300′) to the list? 

Speaking of Kilian’s run at Hardrock, I’m giving away a funny shirt on Patreon that partially commemorates the achievement. Check it out right this way.

And be sure to check out Ian’s excellent rundown and images from the Royal Ultra SkyMarathon Gran Paradiso in Italy. That course looks nuts. 

But I got introduced to the concept of ultras, and thought it was amazing but ridiculous.

–Yep, nailed it.  This 22 year old (with no car and who sleeps outside on a porch) just won the 888k Infinitius Challenge in Vermont. Very interesting guy.

Peaks and trails above Convict Lake near Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra.

Stephanie Howe Violette’s ode to suffering. Haiku style.

An interesting take on accountability and how we as humans seek the affirmation, but resist too much of it in our lives. Is Strava just one big accountability group, or is it something used to show off to others? Could it be both?

Does it matter to you if your beer and brewery are independly owned? If so, check out this new label identifying indy craft beer makers.

Science: Power naps don’t work. My reality: Yes they do.

Ben reviews the Suunto Spartan Sport HRM watch right here, and the guys at TrailRun Mag give it a proper vetting here. Still not sure? Check out DC Rainmakers’s epic review right this way.

Though this article by Magness and Stulberg focuses on shorter distances, I’d be interested to know if ultramarathon runners identify themselves as more analytical or more instinctive. Now separate those two groups into training and racing methods and we’ll have an even more interesting discussion.

Mountain lion attacks horse next to Western States trail.

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