Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, July 20

Trail porn from the German Alps, courtesy of Björn.  The Salomon 4 Trails covers 24k’ of vert in about 144 km (over 4 days) and looks like one helluva good time.

The Queen’s report from Western.  Her second slowest time, but she finished and secured a spot for next year.

It’s 11 years old, but this is still one of my favorite news stories of all time.

Track news: Hope you saw the new women’s 1500 WR set by Dibaba this weekend. Here are her 100m splits.  And here’s Rowbury’s info from her AR set a few seconds back.

Here’s Adam Hewey’s interview from last year’s Hardrock, and here’s his report from this year. Very funny writer.

Justin’s wrap up from this weekend’s races…there were lots of them!

And GZ shares a mini-report from his latest burro race in Colorado.  Here’s our interview with him from a few years ago where we learned what it’s like trail running with a donkey.

Do you really want to geek out on running data? This new gizmo may be for you.

Here’s the Hardrock results from this year, and here’s the Colorado 200 results, run just one week later. Phil Wiley’s on both of them. Wow.

I’ll be honest. I get somewhat immune to the “inspirational runner had cancer and is now running a 10k to bring attention to the cause” stories. This guy is different. He’s running 1800 miles while undergoing cancer treatment.

Ethan was in the Swiss Alps this past weekend to run Eiger, but had a tough time and bailed at 60k or so. Said it was nothing like he’s ever experienced before, so I’m anxious to hear more about his race.  Schlarb came in second.

You train for a half marathon, book a hotel, travel to the host city, set your alarm clock for o dark thirty, get up, and head towards the shuttle to take you to the start.  The shuttles don’t show up, and they cancel the race. Booooo!

The five stages of ultraspouse grief.

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