Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, July 27

Calm down, everyone. Looks like Garmin is coming back online. You can start running again.

Treeline Journal: Interesting post from Chase about how his anxiety is triggered as he reaches the peak of a mountain. Anyone else have anything like this?

As of now, CIM is still happening in early December. Meanwhile, the popular Moontrekker in Hong Kong is cancelled as C19 numbers spike.

GQ: Good interview with Kilian Jornet about his everyday life.

I was on vacation last week in Northern Idaho. Family rented a beautiful home on Bottle Bay on Lake Pend Orielle and had a great time. Paddling, tubing, fishing, kayaking, cooking, running…just what we needed in the midst of this crazy year.

Speaking of the Idaho, the state has come out strongly against allowing biological men to compete on women’s sports teams. Here’s one girls’ story. You know my stance: Identify as your gender, but compete with your sex.

iRunFar: Justin catches up with Ida Nilsson and learns about her home, her hobbies, her running and her entrepreneurship. I would have loved to read more about her relationship with her brother David, another running stud who could really shake up the men’s field should he commit to it. How competitive/supportive are they of each other? Who was running first?

Damian Hall sets a new FKT on the 268 mile Pennine Way, picking up trash the whole route. Nice work amigo!

Absolutely crushed to hear about Tommy Puzey’s cancer diagnosis. Nothing more to say other than cancer f*cking sucks. From his wife Stephanie’s IG:

It wouldn’t be Rivs unless it was rare and aggressive. My man has been diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary NK T-Cell Lymphoma. It was suspected all along, but because of its rarity and even rarer presentation in Rivs’ lungs, other avenues were explored before the Mayo Clinic made its final diagnosis yesterday.

The prognosis for this type of cancer is poor, but we have found, with seeming serendipity, a group of doctors who not only love Rivs but truly understand his mental and physical fortitude. They will start him on high dose chemo today, knowing a lifetime of grit has trained his body and mind to fight this battle.

Cool gift for international beer lovers.

No running for a few days. I’ve got an awful ear infection. How’s your Monday?

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