Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, July 27

Here’s the most inspirational running video I’ve seen all year, hands down.  URP tie-in? The race he’s running is the race Gary Allen puts on in Maine.

For someone with the racing and recovery prowess of Mike Wardian, I guess it’s nice to see that he does suffer and have some pretty bonky moments in races.

The Speedgoat Triple Crown that Timmy pulled off this weekend sounds like it was designed by Iron Mike.

List: Top 20 beers in America. What do you think? I had a Pentagram Sour and a Heady Topper at a home-brew fest on Saturday and refuse to brush my teeth.

New font and design for the URP Singletrack Mind sticker! What do you think? Now available at the URP Swag Page right this way. $12, shipping and tax included. Thanks for supporting the site!

Singletrack Mind laser cut sticker
Singletrack Mind laser cut sticker


Listen to your footsteps on your next run. Listen closely. Then figure out what it means here.

I’ve been curious about the silence from one of my favorite bloggers, and his update is beautiful: What the running philosopher misses about running.

NUC: Interesting article about the difference between sound (good) and noise (bad) and where the quietest place is in the US.  

Didya hear this new podcast with Phil Wiley? I released it Fri afternoon, and it’s worth checking out. Unless, of course, you know someone else who ran Hardrock, then one day later started Colorado 200 and lived to tell about it.  (You don’t.)

Eat like a Kenyan, run like a Kenyan. A bit simplified, but some solid advice no less.

Jurek responds to some of the accusations and drama surrounding his AT FKT.

Is this still considered an ultramarathon? Ultra-ultramarathon?  Update from Sri Chimnoy, emphasis mine:  Galya Vladimir Balatskyy,43, from Mariupol Ukraine finished second in the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race is a blistering time of 42 days+17:39:59, the fourth fastest ever recorded in the history of the event… He ran all 43 days with at least 70 miles every day, including the last. He averaged 72.542 miles per day.

Mountain racing, vertical Ks, burro racing, Hal Koerner…all sorts of weekend results wrapped up in Justin’s Weekend in Review.

Drug bans should be for life.

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