Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon July 31 2023

Important read: How to handle increased foot traffic in high-demand areas…in this case, Washington’s  Cascade Alpine Lakes Wilderness. The author gave a light jab at some trail runners’ unpreparedness but overall it’s a good and necessary discussion to have.

Another good post from Matt Walsh about the MUT media landscape.

I tweeted (x’ed?) this yesterday but in a wholly self-promoting style, will repost it here: Here’s our interview with Courtney from 2017 when Sarah and I interviewed her right after her RRR100 win where she went completely blind around mile 80. Definitely one of the craziest race reports I’ve ever heard.

Greatest prep running coach in history fired after just one year at the NCAA level.

INSPIRATION ALERT! She Ran 40 Kilometers on Her 40th Birthday, Which Isn’t as Impressive as 40 Miles, But She’s Canadian So We’ll Give Her a Pass

Cool article about the Western States 100 Rucky Chucky raft crew.

Funny: Perceived height of a 3.5inch tree root.

In case ya missed it, Courtney announced she’ll be running UTMB next month. I’m not usually a UTMB fanboy, but this news will transform me. Can’t. Wait.

Fegy’s report from Hardrock, including a frightening bout with exercise-induced asthma.

Good read: The increased competitiveness of women’s ultramarathoning.

Here’s the first URP Daily News (at least on the “new” servers) from 2012.


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