Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, July 31

All the trail racing, ultramarathon, and pack burro racing results from the weekend. Courtesy of Justin at iRunFar.

Gotta add Gary Robbins and Jared Campbell’s Nolan’s 14 finish to that list. Nice work fellas!

Equal part Penthouse Forum and part run report, Lis writes about sex on the trails.

Some people remember every detail of every run they’ve been on, and some just remember little disconnected snippets of races and runs throughout our lives. I’m the latter.

This guy is running 100k for 100 days. Interesting to read about the cultural/dietary differences from a non-Western runner.

Jam Jam’s latest Mountain Outhouse is a good one. FKT confusion, Outdoor Retailer news, AJW update, and Sunny makes an appearance. Cool!

Not content with just winning Western, Ryan Sandes headed to Fairplay Colorado, grabbed an American ass, and finished 6th overall.

US Mtn. Running Team this weekend in Italy. Pic by USMRT.

–Solid results for the US Mountain Running Team at the championships in Italy. Nice work everyone!

Then read this: Addie Bracey (who finished 8th at the above race) writes about how she changed her running (training and racing) for the better when she focused less on results and scheduled her running around her life, rather than the other way around.

A group of heroic Spanish climbers rescues an Italian climber in the Himalayas who’d been left for dead by his commercial expedition group.  I’ve always wondered what the conversation is like when they all meet up again. Guilt? Understanding? Anger? Shame? Anyone ever been through this?

There appears to be a very real chance that one of our (US) Spartathlon runners (who’s spent time in prison) will gain his spot on the team because another of our runners will be in prison. See, it all works out in the end.

The most well-written Beer Mile DNF post you’ll read this year.

Woman in Sweden calls mountain rescue because she’s tired and doesn’t want to walk down. They offer her a helicopter ride for $3,600 and she accepts.

As someone with perpetually bad calves, I’ll always listen to someone who claims they can help loosen them up.

Wasn’t this book already written? The subjects and arguments sound awfully familiar.

The 668 mile Oregon Timber Trail just opened up in the Beaver State. Traversing south to north, it’s split into segments, has 51% single track, and is built for mountain bikes. Anyone run any sections?

She spent a week on a treadmill in an attempt to grab the Guinness record. Only problem? The organization doesn’t count her boyfriend as an independent witness. I’ll have to side with Guiness on this one. When going after a goal that big (and for that specific reason), she should’ve confirmed and checked everything beforehand. 

Help: Do any readers or listeners live in Nicaragua? Been there recently? We’re planning a long trip there next year as a family and I’m looking for some local knowledge and travel advice. Email me here if you help out. Gracias.



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