Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, July 6

iRunFar/Mock: Catching up with Hal Daddy.
(And wow, his kids’ school sounds awesome!)

Sarah Lavender Smith: How to put on a trail race during a pandemic.

Matt Fitzgerald: How do you handle pressure? Thrive on it or freak out under it? Fitz digs into how it affects our athletic performances.

WOW: This past weekend at a race in Georgia, Doyle Carpenter set a new 48 hour record for mens 80-84 age group with 144.5692 miles.

Longest serving race directors. Doesn’t look like ultras are represented very well on this list. Yes, it’s road race based, but should more MUT RDs be on here?

It’s getting hot out. How to recognize heat stroke and what to do about it.

If adults are tired of virtual events, I can assure you kids are really tired of them. USATF for a swing and a miss.

The science of beer koozies. Back when I ran with a UD nipple bottle, I’d wrap a koozie around it to keep it cool during summer. Worked pretty well and gave my hands some cushioning.

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