Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, July3

Excellent: Nate writes about going from a sedentary academic to a 100 mile ultramarathon runner. The key? Self control.

Twelve racers test positive for cocaine. (They were greyhounds.)

So what happened to Jim Walmsley at Western? Here’s an interview with Runner’s World.

And here’s Ian’s analysis of the buildup and race.

Here’s Mocko’s fresh report from Western.

Will someone please buy this 11 year old a beer?

A few things track and field could do to improve it’s standing in the sports scene.  Our sport could also use a couple of those tips, eh?

Time to geek out on Western data. How’d they get in? What did they wear? Do they have a coach?

Looking for article/post on the US women’s 24 hour team. I know they went Gold and that Pam Smith hit 150 miles. Traci Falbo, Jennifer Hoffman, Gina Slaby and Courtney Dauwalter all hit high mileage.  Here’s the site, but no news. Anyone?

A guide dog is giving this woman new independence on the trails, and that’s awesome.  This opens up a sticky subject, and that’s the role and acceptance of not just service dogs, but ESAs (emotional support animals) in our sport. As someone who lobbied for additional funding and rights for service dogs for the blind in California, I’m still of the belief that all dogs (and, ahem, horses) should be kept out of races. Do you agree? 

Anatomy of a DNF from Eric Strand (but say it fast and it sounds like Eric Schranz) at Western States.

If you guessed that the latest Tour de France cheating scandal would involve little bumps on fancy shirts, go directly to the front of the line.

No URP News tomorrow, but be sure to catch the (not exaggerating) most exciting race in the world with live Mt Marathon coverage right here.  Junior race at 9am (Alaska time, one hour behind PST), women at 11, men at 2.  No past winners for the fellas (Kilian, Gates, Strabel), but the women have some exciting talent in Allie Ostrander (past Junior champ, collegiate stud) and Morgan Arritola (Olympic XC skier, just won Broken Arrow Skyrace last month) will be fun to watch.

A few more things about Mt. Marathon.

  • If you’re not familiar with the event, here’s a good short video that’ll open your eyes.
  • Far and away, the live coverage is the best of any MUT event, and every year, people wonder why ultras can’t have that type of production. It’s three miles long and there’s coverage on the entire course, that’s why.
  • That guy is still missing from 2012.  Incredible and freaky story. Read it.

Well, it’s called Killer Mountain for a reason.

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