Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, June 1

Seems a bit indecorous to write and comment about the running world right now when we’ve got a country teetering on the brink of absolute chaos and so many people are hurting.
I’ll keep this brief.

Nine year old kid with CP and autism completes a marathon on his walker by moving a half mile at a time. Nice work!

The bike market has gone crazy during the shutdown. I bought my son a new MTB (thanks whoever recommended bikesdirect.com) and we’re looking for a used bike for my wife.

Billy Yang’s family’s store was looted two nights ago amidst the violence in Los Angeles. One of his buddies set up a GoFundMe for them to help rebuild and while the initial goal is far surpassed, I’m sure anything additional can help.

Catching up with Dakota Jones as he talks about running and his goals of making actual change as an engineering student at MSU.

I don’t listen to running podcasts, but this one sounds pretty interesting. Advice from Kipchoge, why Kenya has a doping problem, and blues music!

The most prolific 100-milers in 1878 were women! It was written, “One of the most peculiar features of the walking mania is the number of lady pedestrians now on stage, and the surprising speed and powers of endurance which they exhibit.”

Another great post about ultrarunning history from Davy Crockett. This one focusing on the mid/late 1800s, the advent of women’s success in the distance, and one big fat DNF from none other than Mark Twain.

Hot…dog…flavored…beer? Wut?

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