Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, June 10

IRF/Mock cover all the trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend: Comrades coverage, World Trail Champs results, Courtney wins outright and breaks the women’s CR by an hour, and Zach Bitter goes stride for stride with the fastest American at UTMB last year.

Hardrock is cancelled. Deferments or full refunds offered by race management.

CTS: You’re definitely getting older, and it’s probably getting hotter, so you should really read this piece about how heat affects people based on their age.

Wayback Machine/Outside: Hutchinson responds to the “Limits of human endurance” article from last week.

WaPo: Why a good nights sleep is the magic pill for athletic performance.

Did you catch our latest interview? I talked with F4 Amanda Basham about her competitive spirit, her new mental approach to Western, trucks, eating disorders, and a lot more.

Alison Wade: The Fast Women newsletter starts out with a heart wrenching post by Justin Grunewald about his wife Gabe’s grave condition and prognosis. Have some tissues ready, folks.

Sponsor: I’ve been wearing XO Skin socks since last year and am stoked they came aboard as a sponsor. They’re made in the US, keep their shape, and don’t stink, thanks to their proprietary blend of fibers and copper. Now they’ve got a new line of shorts and compression tights that you’re sure to see at races soon. Remember to use URP at checkout for 20% off your order.

Canadian Running Mag: Gerda Steyn (RSA) breaks the women’s record, Cal Neff finishes fourth, Camille DNF’s and the Russians are banned, then not banned at Comrades.

Podcasts: Looking for something to listen to? Sarah wrote synopses of many of the podcasts she and I recorded together right here. We recorded so many!

Speaking of Russians…turns out when managers and coaches get banned from the sport, they still hang out at tracks and do their thing.

Not running related, but has anyone in the Sierra seen this guy?

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