Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, June 13

Ultramarathon News From Around the World

Weekend ultramarathon results from Justin/IRF.

In it, he mentions the Robert Young trans-con attempt, and I simply haven’t been paying enough attention to comment further. I’d rather watch this crazy-bearded Scotsman do the world’s longest triathlon anyhow.

Do you do any type of breathing exercises before a big race. Consider this technique, with some science to back it up.

Western States women’s preview.  Who ya got for the ladies?

ultramarathon pole break
Well, damn. I really liked that pole! 

Not an ultramarathon, but this sounds like an awesome race in NY. No course, no shirts, no BS. Just get to the checkpoints and back.

Yep, I would’ve PR’ed here too. Never run a 44k. You?

A reasonable approach to how cars and cyclists can share the road.

Really really short news day. What did I miss?

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