Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, June 15

Salomon TV: What a great video on Courtney Dauwalter’s run at the Western States record. There’s a reason that so many people connect with her and it’s evident in this film.

Athlete dies during ultramarathon in Ukraine after rescuers took 11 hours to locate her. Ugh.

Another reason the keto diet might not be for you: Keto crotch.

IRF: Justin highlights Rickey Gates and his history and future in the sport. He’s a genuinely nice guy that I’d love to talk to for hours.

Track and Field News: Allie O is using the shutdown to get PRP injections in her Achilles, heal up, and inspire young kids to stay active.

Meanwhile, Hayden Hawks used the shutdown to his advantage and trained his butt off. The result? Cracking Karl Meltzer’s 18 year CR at Squaw Peak this past weekend.

Joe Gray is a/the mountain GOAT.
(Second and third were Kilian Jornet and Jonathan Wyatt.)

SCMP: How to improve your uphill running.

Excellent piece on Sally Kipyego as she tends to a child, her garden, and a nagging desire to get back to competition. She’d like to be working on the treadmill, but her house in Kenya does not currently have electricity. I really liked this article/interview. For me, so many of the East Africans are portrayed as just running machines, with a language and distance barrier that prevents us from getting to know them personally. I had no idea she’s a nurse when she’s living in the states!

Personal: I can’t tell you how great it’s been divesting myself of Facebook and Twitter for the past week and a half. (I’ll peruse IG now and then but don’t really get it.) I’m happier, more calm, and not as anxiously angry. What I hope will happen: I want to be at a point where I hear someone’s name and think about seeing that person on the trails or a race or bumping into them at the store, not about what they recently posted on fu(king Facebook or how I interpreted a reply to some lame post. Logging off of virtual world and focusing on real life is the first step. I know it’s not the best move for the site, but it’s one that I need to do for myself. Hope you understand.
So…if you see a story that I need to know about, please shoot it my way via [email protected]. Thanks.

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