Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, June 15

Why runners are models of success. (He left out why so many ultrarunners are dirt bagging beer drinkers though.)

I never realized these bracelets actually served a purpose. Now I do, and I want to make one.

Prepare for an overreaction from the media: Two runners have heart attacks at half marathon, one dies.

Tech: Fine, it’s a point and shoot, but this thing is sweet! Seems like the perfect race coverage camera.

I hadn’t heard about this collegiate trail race in Indiana, but the winning female’s schedule (and recovery!) is impressive.  How do they manage to earn cash for races and stay amateur though? Anyone have insight?

Caitlin reminds us to focus on the present and to stay creative during our runs.

IRF’s Western States mens preview.

but no mention of 9M including a mention of Brett Rivers.  Check out the latest podcast with Brett and other WS vet Erika Lindland right here. They offer terrific insight into the race.

A whole lot of sh!t talking going on right here.

Here’s a way to track Jurek’s movement on google earth. I couldn’t get the .kmz to work. Any advice?

Without looking, what are the three most active states in the US? You got it wrong.

More Western States previews coming this week. Stay tuned!

To lose weight, eating less is far more important that exercising more.

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