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Jurek takes questions about trail running, nutrition, training, ultramarathons, and more on a Facebook live chat.  If I’m being honest, they’re a bit too predicable for my taste.

Bear attacks woman mid-race in New Mexico.  Here’s an article in the local paper, and here’s the statement from the race Facebook page (below.)  Check out their page today for pic and full blow by blow from victim/runner Karen Williams.  It sure sounds like race management and volunteers handled it perfectly. Well done!

Late in the race we had a runner attacked by a bear in Redondo Meadows after crossing paths with a mother and two cubs. Two other runners and our aid station volunteers helped her and called 911. EMT’s took her to La Cueva where she was flown to UNM hospital. She has some wounds to the neck and arm, but is reportedly doing fine and will probably go home tomorrow. A huge thanks to the runners and volunteers that kept cool and helped out, and to La Cueva Volunteer Fire Department for responding quickly. Everyone send best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Interesting interview with the woman who is in charge of feeding the wide range of Australian Olympic athletes.  Logistics, science, etc.  She also makes a strong comparison as to why the paleo diet is similar to a cult.

Here’s Jay Friedman’s thorough prediction and analysis of the Western States field. What do you think of his picks?

My favorite Japanese dude Kawauchi-san takes three minutes off the National 50k record (his own) on a hilly course. 2:44:07

ultramarathon beer
URP co-host Ethan wore many hats this weekend, but this was his most important role.

Remember this: Twenty five recovery tips from the best ultrarunners in the world (and one idiot podcaster.)

PT, coaches, and docs all have differing opinions on this: Should you exercise when your muscles are sore?

I spent a fun weekend volunteering at the Broken Arrow Skyrace in Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe.  Great fun to see friends from all abilities hurl themselves up the mountain, endure the cold on Saturday, and enjoy the sun on Sunday.  Quick thoughts:

  • Race management made the call to not have runners in the VK climb up a wet metal ladder on top of a mountain in 60mph winds with lighting clouds. The race was re-routed a bit and not as steep, but that was a good, responsible call don’t ya think?
  • I’m still not sure which attracts more attention: Lederhosen or Brooks Green Silence.  It’s
    ultramarathon dakota jones
    Dakota Jones interview, post-race. Green Silence? Check. Lederhosen? Check.

    crazy how many top athletes, normal runners, and industry folks are obsessed with the shoe, despite it being discontinued five years ago.  And in case you run across a pair, I’m a 12.

  • RD Brendan and his team did a great job with the race. T’s were crossed, I’s were dotted, and everything seemed to run smooth.  And dang, runners got tons of swag!
  • Sandi Nypaver ran a strong race to take the women’s 26k title. Looked great at the finish as she and Sage ran off to prep for Western.
  • Great after party on Sunday. Runners, family, and friends stuck around for hours after the race and enjoyed Lagunitas beer, sun, dogs, and fresh air.
  • I heard from many runners that the 52k course was tougher than The Rut or Speedgoat. Whoa.
  • Dakota Jones surprised many of us by finishing first in the 52k, despite just getting back into shape this month.  Who was he most impressed with? My dark horse for the race Tayte Pollman.
  • Sarah Keyes from New York won the women’s 52k and spoke with me post-race.  Loved the hills, battled it out with the top ladies, and finished strong.
  • Lots of Western buzz as Laney, Walmsley, Sage, Yanko, DBo, and others all there checking out the scene.
  • Jim Morrison (no, not the dead one) finished the 52k, despite (I think I’ve got this right) falling out of a 12′ window this week, being put in a cast, told not to run, having the cast taken off, and showing up for his first ultramarathon. Ta-da!
  • There was some confusion at the top with markings and quite a few Skyrace runners took wrong turns. First year event with unavoidable course changes, things happen.
  • Sure, it was in their backyard, but the Truckee/Tahoe mountain running scene is STRONG.
  • Full results here. Quite a field, eh?
ultramarathon max king
Top of the VK course, immediately after his win. Photo by Max King.

No ultramarathon content, but here are nine ways to not be a d!ck.  I’d like to add another ten to the list. Where should I start?

I spoke with him yesterday, and my money’s still on him to win the Big Dance.  He’s also still unaffiliated with a pro shoe/apparel team as far as I know. Here’s a great interview with Jim Walmsley from IRF.

Speaking of Western, Wyatt put down some thoughts on his prep and training one week out.

Some great pics from Bryce Canyon 100 this past weekend.

Something you rarely see at an ultramarathon: Athletes warming up.

Scott Dunlap writes a great piece about his first run at the oldest trail race in the country: The Dipsea.  How he got there, race details, and of course, plenty of great pics.  Nice!

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