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Ultramarathon News From Around the World

There were apparently some ultramarathon events around the world this weekend.  Justin’s got the wrap up here.

Wow, Nike drops suit against Berian and he earns hero status for taking on Goliath.

Very interesting, and I wish there were a version for trail and ultramarathon athletes: How to go pro as a T&F athlete and which pitfalls to look out for.

Aye, aye, aye. Drama in the back room of Angeles Crest 100.

Musings from from Western States

  • By Saturday night, I was getting sick of the sport again. Why do I do this? I haven’t slept in 36 hours and here I am waiting at the track again. I’m filthy and hungry.  Then I see runners come in with their kids, hear their stories, I tear up, and understand that endurance sports hit me someplace special.
  • Everyone saw something different from Jim’s (interview from Feb) performance. Some saw an incredibly ballsy, bold and awesome effort that was cut short by a wrong turn. Some saw a brash and cocky kid make poor decisions that ended in an epic bonk to end all epic bonks.  Whatever it was (likely a combination), it was simply amazing to see.  In all my years watching and participating in this sport, my mind has never been blown like it was on Saturday.  You’ve GOT to check out his Strava splits.
  • Speaking of blown, blowing an alpenhorn at 8,000 feet atop the Escarpment is really freaking tough.  Final joke tally: Ricola! (30) vs Sexual (10).
  • ultramarathon alpenhorn
  • Ian Sharman is a pacing god.
  • Smartest male performance: Andrew Miller. Ran his own race, endured the heat, courteous and nice along the way, and now the youngest winner of Western States.
  • Not taking anything away from American Ninja Warrior, but Kaci Lickteig has earned the Mighty Kaci monicker more than anyone.  She makes it look so easy that I feel many people don’t appreciate how tough she really is.
  • I’d put up good money to see Jim and Zach Miller duke it out in a 100k.  When might they line up again? North Face?
  • I left Foresthill well after the 24 hour cutoff, waiting for Brian and Ben to get back on the course. Word was that Brian’s been having gastric problems for a few hours and wasn’t leaving the aid station. I waited and waited, finally giving up and heading to the track, saddened that the monkey would be still be on his back after ten years.  Delighted and relieved to see he rallied and finished in 27:26.
  • And here’s where I gotta be honest: Brian was DQed for not finishing under his own power and we all agree that was an appropriate call.  Similarly, if you’re being held up by your pacers and family to cross the finish line, that’s not a good thing.  That’s dangerous, and in my opinion, not at all in the spirit of this wonderful sport.  Yes, Wally’s is an incredible, amazing, and inspiring story, but unfortunately, one that leaves a not-so-satisfied taste in my mouth.
  • URP co-host Sarah finished strong in under 24 hours, looking great with a superb attitude. I’m anxious to hear/read her story.
  • Most impactful finishes for me: Jim, Sage, Caroline, YiOu. Not their ideal days, but they gutted out (often literally) and made it to the track.  Nice job, all of you!
  • Tons of people stopped by to say hi, and I appreciated you all. Thanks so much.

Short shorts vs tights showdown.  Ahem, didya forget these?

I was on Scotty Kumer’s Ten Junk Miles podcast last week, where I blathered on about running, podcasting, and life for almost two hours.  Check it out here.

After sleeping on the Place High infield for 90 minutes Saturday night, I watched the 26 hour runners come through, then headed home to catch my 6yo daughter Sunny’s track meet.  Pretty amazing to see veteran endurance trail runners one day, followed by fresh and chatty kids the next, and being inspired and excited equally by both.

That's Sunny on the left. Lots of guts, but DFL once again.
That’s Sunny on the left. Lots of guts, but DFL once again.

Tinder for sports/activity partners? Does anyone use this?

Ever been interested in running Marathon des Sables? Definitely read Meghan Arbogast’s play by play about the gear, race, people, and atmosphere of this incredible event.

I’ve heard the name, but didn’t have any details before a nice email from reader Will. Isaiah Janzen is attempting Nolan’s 14 next week and he’s no slouch. This is a 30ish year old guy who lives in the midwest (just moved from Iowa to Kansas for his job) but has climbed Everest (last month) among other 8000m+ peaks and won the national 24 hour championships a few years back, running 150+ miles. He’s a 2:30ish marathoner and at one point held the Wonderland Trail (unsupported) FKT around Mt Rainier.  Here’s Isaiah’s site, here’s our interview after Brandon Stapanowish’s run a few years ago, and here’s the chat Sarah and I had with Anna Frost after her run last year.

No ultramarathon content, but plenty of trail references: Kids should be dirty.  Everyone’s got their own way of parentings, and mine is dirty kids are good kids. Put down the gizmo, and get the hell outside and play.



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