Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, June 3

IRF/Justin Mock: All the trail and ultramarathon results from this past weekend. A few thoughts:
-Elisa Descu took second at Zegama (to a soccer player turned MUT runner!), and I like iRunFar’s policy of pointing out her PED ban with every mention of her name.
-Kilian at Zegama…9th win, but he still doesn’t have the CR. I didn’t know that until this morning.
-Kaytlyn, Ladia, and Maria at the Red Devil Challenge 50k. Nice little tune up!

Tough: Gabe Grunewald tells the grim reaper “not today” and finishes her burger. Wow.

Everest: Martin Breshears’ comments about the Everest deaths sounds an awful lot like my opinion of some pacers in ultramarathons.

Marketing/PR: The North Face snuck logos and ad pics into Wikipedia entries and everybody’s freaking out. Only two comments about this: First, the ad person who gloated about the hack is an idiot. Keep it to yourself, dude. And also, this is something people are getting outraged about?

Speaking of PR, are you looking for a new PR gig in the outdoor space? Check this out.

The Guardian: Adharanand Finn writes about his introduction into the ultramarathon scene and how it’s affected his life. Here’s out chat with Adharanand from last year.

Kevin Beck: Kevin writes/rants about a recent fall start by a girls HS distance runner and how rules and fans affect the kids and the future of the sport. The video is painful to watch…what do you think?

LessonsInBadassery: Camille Herron gives a good interview with the focus on doping in our sport. With her background in road racing and science, she’s got a unique perspective. Good read…check it out.

WTA: I love this idea of taking a slow and deliberate hike on a trail I’d normally run on.

Do you:
Have some extra airline miles?
Want to get away from the hot summer?
Have some time to fill?
If so, consider some of these lower profile races in Australia/NZ, courtesy of the guys at Ultra168.

Beer: More bars serving NA and low-alcohol drinks. Woohoo!

TIME: Is our obsession with health data making us crazy?

RIP: Northern Calfornia and the greater ultramarathon scene lost a good one last week. Mark Richtman, an absolute powerhouse 60+ runner (10:10 at Miwok 100k at age 61) was lost at sea while kayaking and is presumed dead. John Trent wrote an emotional and powerful remembrance of Mark on FB and I’d urge you to check it out.

How to become a better trail parasite.

And hey, did you get your Lazy Trail Parasite shirt yet?

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