Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon June 6

iRunFar: Justin Mock runs down all this weekend’s ultramarathon and trail running results from around the world. Highlight for me was Ruperto Romero–58 years old!–winning San Diego 100. Here’s our interview with this incredible man from a few years ago.

Watch Emelie Forsberg crush a VK at Zegama right here. My legs burn just watching this.

Retailer REI is making a big move to be a major player in the running space. Whenever I’m in an REI I’ll check out their shoes and they always have a decent selection, but the staff never seems to know what they’re talking about. Same where you are?

Jax Mustafa has completed an impressive list of ultramarathons and stage races all while battling some serious foot problems.

Ultrarunnning: Becoming a durable athlete.

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that a “gender inclusive” cycling race was won by a biological man, with another man taking second. A young mom, holding her daughter, stood third on the podium.

Adventure Journal: BLM (Land Management) is “unlocking” access to hundreds of parcels of public lands that have been otherwise inaccessible due to their location next to private lands. Great news!

Watch this: FreeTrail: Tim Tollefson’s journey back to Western States. 

Is it body shaming to say that pro high jumpers have really weird bodies? Because they really do.

Sometimes even an accomplished runner like Zola Budd needs to be talked thru the latter parts of an ultra. Luckily, the legendary Bruce Fordyce was there to help out.

Semi-Rad’s Brendan Leonard writes an homage to his lost toenails.

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