Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, June 6

Ultramarathon Daily News

A DNF is better than a DNS in (edit: most) ultramarathons.  If I’m not in shape, doing it for the wrong reasons, or injured, I’d take the DNS.

Adam traveled to China for a trail race and has a hilarious report from a westerner’s perspective.

I’m really liking New England’s Dan Button’s attitude of racing everything, everywhere. Mix it up!

It’s mosquito season. Why do they bite some people, but not others?. They bite me, but I don’t get “bites” from them. However, tics. Tics love me, burrow in, and create havoc.

We’ve all slightly avoided this situation many times: Expecting there to be a ride back to your car after a race. Here’s Yitka’s funny story.

Deadspin does a good job explaining reduction clauses in athletes’ contracts and how they effect the Berian/Nike debacle.  I assume sponsored ultramarathon athletes have reduction clauses? Anyone?

Here’s one runner’s report from the hot, hot, hot San Diego 100 this past weekend.  Speaking of that, Mike Wardian ran the race (which started Friday morning) in 21:33 (4th place OA), then ran a 1:19 half marathon on Sunday. Incredible.

If you’ve got a WSG subscription, you can read about the greatest runner of all time.

Weekend ultramarathon/trail results from Justin and iRunFar.

Wyatt has trained his butt off for Western States this year. The training is complete, and the taper begins.

New review today from Montrail. Stay tuned.

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