Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, June 8

I can’t keep up with these treadmill records! As of this writing, the world records for half marathon, marathon, and 50k for both men and women and the men’s 100k were all set this weekend during the Chaski Challenge. LetsRun article right here. And here’s Chase’s preview of the event…he called some of them well!

Trailrunner Mag/Metzler: People, keep your dogs on leash while on the trails.

I’m still on a social media hiatus, so if there’s something I missed or missing, please let me know. Thanks.

One of the coolest guys in the sport…Errol “the Rocket” Jones. I’ve been in countless races, nearing an aid station, and the sound of his laughter picks me up and pulls me right in.
Here’s our chat with Rocket from 2012.

iRunFar/Mock: Catching up with UROY, WS Champ, and HURT CR holder Tracy Garneau. Sounds like she’s living the dream right now!

More on Michael McKnight’s calorie-free 100 miler.

Essay: If a college is serious about racial justice, track teams should not be cut…especially in the name of diversity.

Kilian ran a 10k as part of a marathon relay. Can you guess his time?

Monday funny: Nike’s new ZoomX face mask faster than other face masks.

The first trail ultramarathon in California will take place in a few weeks near Mt. Shasta. Woohoooo!

ESPN: The US DOE decided that Connecticut’s transgender policy for high school sports violates the civil rights of cis girls as it “denied female student-athletes athletic benefits and opportunities, including advancing to the finals in events, higher level competitions, awards, medals, recognition, and the possibility of greater visibility to colleges and other benefits.” In the decision, the DOE threatens to withhold federal funding if the policy isn’t changed. This can have wide sweeping influence on other states’ policies.

Sarah ran big vert, every day for a week as part of the Limitless Vertical Challenge. How’d she do?

Now we’re talking: How to pair beef jerky with beer.

Good analysis by Jonathan Gault (LetsRun) about what a fall XC season may look like. He makes some great points. First, make sure students are back on campus. Second, ensure that there’s a football team that can drive revenue that will fun the XC program and other sports.
I’ve got no idea at this point what youth XC will look like. We’ve got one letter from the county saying no and one from the district saying yes. Any other coaches have ideas?

Specialty retail: Great idea for a shop, just wish it was closer! The Cleveland Outpost in Ohio sells high quality used adventure gear and some curated new stuff. Cool idea!

Trailrunner/Bracy: How to develop trail running mental superpowers. Adapt, adapt, adapt.

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