Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, June 8

It’s not perfect, but past guest Jay Friedman designs a ranking system for domestic ultramarathon runners. What do you think? Agree with his analysis?

Thorough update on Dave Mackey’s condition from GZ.

Maggie Guteri’s exciting and humorous report from Cayuga Trails.

This guy climbed two of the PNW’s highest volcanoes, and ran in between. You know it’s gonna be good when the article says, “On May 22, he posted his plans, drank a beer and hit the trail.”  Here’s his account.

Jurek is still pushing hard for his AT attempt, just having passes 1/4 of the distance last night. Go Scott Go! Follow him here.

Meanwhile, this woman lunched her rowboat (a loose term) yesterday from Japan, en route to San Francisco, in hopes of being the first woman to make the trans-Pacific journey alone. She’s got a pretty impressive list of accomplishments already, hope she pulls this off.

Seven day stage race in the UK. Freezing cold temps and 80MPH winds. Yep, his eyeballs froze.

Cool! An elementary school in Scotland has/allows the kids to run or walk one mile each day, outside of normal PE. The kids love it, the staff sees results, I wish more schools did this sort of thing rather than punishing the kids with running.

At the top of the stairs were two more flags leading me up in to…a manicured back yardIs this right? I ran through the yard. No more flags to be seen. No pink tape. This is not right. I was standing in someone’s backyard looking foolish and wasted as I stared through the back windows of someone’s house, my eyes darting back and forth, ravenous for the sight of course markings.

Just part of Nathan’s report from the Cruel Jewel.  It was his first mountain ultramarathon, he got lost a few times, had some rough patches, but ultimately finished fifth overall. Nice!

OK, if you’re a runner, single, like craft beer, and are in Ontario, this sounds pretty awesome, eh.

I didn’t even realize PUMA is still making running shoes, let alone zero drop trail racers.  Anyone tried them?

While trying to find confirmation that a man/dog combo ran a 4:15 mile at this race, I discovered some incredible results. Yep, it’s only a mile, but that’s one tough race. Check out Craig Prater in the 50-55 division with a 4:55. Dang!

Going gluten-free for no reason doesn’t help athletes, study says.

Do maximalist shoes reduce impact forces? The data and analysis.

Selected Weekend Results:

Bob Shebest won San Diego 100.  That’s what you get when you “indulge” in three hours of hill repeats. You heard his interview here last month.  Nice work Bob! On the women’s side, Nadie Haluszczak took it for the ladies. Full results here.

Florent Bouguin and Jennilynn Eaton took honors at the Bryce Canyon 100. Zac Marion (Last year’s champ and Anton’s doppelgänger) took third. That race holds a special place to me and I really want to go back. Full results.



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