Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Mar 11

iRunFar: Weekend round up of all the trail and ultramarathon events from around the world. Highlights for me include seeing Alex Varner back at the ultra distance and Katie Arnold bagging a 50k win in the Bay (more on her later.)

Fast Women: And here’s a deeper dive into all the female results from this weekend, from indoor track on up. That HS girls 800 was awesome. Mu just seized up and the freshman Willis was there to clean it up.

Sarah Lavender Smith: Why she ran the Napa (road) Marathon even though she didn’t want to.

Mountain Outhouse News update with JamJam. Check it out.

Kids Line up at Araivapa Running’s Mesquite Canyon Kids Run.
(Pic from Araivapa Twitter post)

I released a special podcast to the Patreon community last week and lost two subscribers who didn’t like my opinion on something. Curious? Check it out.

TrailRunner Mag: We’ve been talking about this race for awhile as being one of the most stacked of the year…Santa Barbara Nine Trails. Unfortunately I won’t be there…I’ve organized a big Nerf game that day. #lifebalance

Ultrahistorian Davy Crockett: 1,000 miles in 1,000 hours? Let’s time travel back to the genesis of Big’s Backyard Ultramarathon.

Twittah: I don’t know the whole backstory to this issue, but AJW went after Camille Herron for plagiarism this weekend when her eponymous camp used similar language to a camp that AJW’s involved with.

Forbes: The NFL (and other sports!) should adopt the NHL’s stance on cannabis. This makes absolute sense to me.

Smile and Flow: Remember this interview with Outside Magazine’s Katie Arnold? She’d just won Leadville (as a mother of two) and shared with us her simple mantra…smile and flow. Katie’s got a new website and is on a book tour for her memoir Running Home.  
Sacramento area people! Katie will be at Fleet Feet Davis this Thursday 3/14 for a fun group run (6:15pm), followed by happy hour post-run beers from Sufferfest Beer, followed by a reading and book signing next door (7:30pm) at Avid Reader Davis. I told Sunny that since it’s Pie Day we might get some dessert. Hope they come thru. ~

FloTrack: 2020 Olympic Qualifying times released. 50k race walk is cut to 30k, and race walk community freaks out.  I feel for the people who’ve worked for this event, but…I mean…come on.

Adventure Blog: “Bruh, I was in the Austrian Alps and we got dropped onto a peak by a giant zeppelin! It was eeeeeepic.”

Industry people: I’m working on a piece for unique running eyewear (not just glasses, but tech intonations, new designs, etc.) If you’ve got a pitch, let me know

Later this morning I’m interviewing Miguel Ordorica, aka “Kaci’s pacer” about what it’s like to train and run with everyone’s favorite Pixie Ninja. I don’t know much about him, but I’ll bet he’s got some stories and lessons to share. Stay tuned.

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