Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Mar 13

Read it: Overcoming fear before an ultramarathon.

Running Leadville this year? You should be following along with Wyatt’s meticulous preparation.

Cool: Nine places you can still see wagon wheel tracks from the Oregon Trail.

I’m pretty sure this says that I should stop feeling sorry for myself because I’m 42.

Trail running and hiking seem to have a long way to go in Hong Kong.  Dangerous selfies and copious amounts of trash are major problems the government is trying to control.

My daughter Sunny winning her first (root)beer mug and teddy bear on Saturday. Pic by Santa Clarita Runners.

Something we all do on the trails: Fart.  Who knew women’s were stinkier than men’s….and other facts about flatulence.

Confused about what all this Nike/AlSal/PED stuff is all about? Outside breaks it down right here.

Justin/IRF’s ultramarathon/trail results from this weekend. No major domestic races, but lots going on internationally over the past few days.

ICYMI: Seattle woman training for marathon stops to use bathroom and ends up fighting off an attacker with moves she learned in self-defense class. Stay safe out there.

Bib numbers for Western States have been released. 

CA runners: Does anyone have experience running over the Grapevine? Between the old Ridge Route, ranch roads, and fire trails, it’s gotta be possible, right? Anyone have experience or interest?  Looks like it’d be between 40-50 miles of mixed terrain. Email or message me. Thanks.


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