Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Mar 14

Ultramarathon Daily News

Didya catch our latest podcast with Tim Tollefson? Do you think elites always have great races and never doubt themselves mentally?  Listen in while Nike’s Tim recounts his run at Transgrancanaria ultramarathon where the final 25 miles took him 9 hours and he considered jumping off the cliff to end the suffering.

That episode was sponsored by the Ancient Redwoods Running Festival.  Held for one day in May in Mendocino County, they’ll be multiple distances, rivers, redwoods, single track, music, local beer, wine, and delicious food.

If given the option, I bet Tim would’ve chosen this method instead.

If you’ve got a minute to spare (and want to put a smile on your face), I’d recommend watching Sage dance to an Alicia Keys dance remix in the snow.

These 3d printed trail maps are really really cool.  I’d expect they’ll be everywhere soon.

I’d love to read more about this: Preliminary studies show that zapping the brain help endurance athletes boost performance.  Or is just that it makes us (and the other test group, ski jumpers) dumber and more willing to participate in these silly sports?

Here are a few tips on how to gain a little advantage on race day.

No pain!
No pain!

Personal update: Ran my first 5k in a looooong time on Saturday.  Up up uphill for 1.5 miles, turnaround, then screaming downhill  for 1.5 miles. Thought it would be a good test to see how the calf would handle the stress, and it did alright! Big relief. I still have a long way to go, but it was great to push the calf hard and have zero pain.

For more interesting trail and ultramarathon updated, here’s Justin/IRF’s Weekend in Review.

I’m seeing some pretty awesome pics from the San Felipe Shootout in Texas.  Trail was so flooded that runners were literally swimming across it. Got one I could share?

Here’s Jeff Ball, the eventual winner of the 5k, 10k, and half marathon dealing with the mud/water in a unique way.

Pretty decent cheat sheets to help you work out like a pro.

Taking ecstasy before a long run? I’m assuming this is a satirical story (right?), but regardless, it’s pretty darn funny.

Site news/request: I appreciate the heck out of listeners/readers offering to write reviews for URP, but please don’t bother if you are affiliated with the company (ambassador, sponsored athlete, etc.) of the product.  I strive to keep the reviews and opinions totally objective.  Thanks.

But expect some comprehensive and objective reviews soon, including new Montrail trail shoes, a new hydration bottle for the FlipBelt, new Solomon road shoes, and the Elliptigo.

I like the spin this writer puts on the bad news:  The organizers screwed up, but hey, you get to run the whole race again!

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