Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Mar 2

iRunFar: Justin runs down all the results from this past week. I still haven’t watched the Olympic trials but caught some of the results. Hot takes:

  • Jim’s 2:15 marathon and WS course record in one year should tell us that Comrades is going to be incredible.
  • Camille’s Black Canyon/Caumsett double is pretty dang impressive. Nice work.
  • Never heard of Kallil Khan but now I’ll be watching. Anyone know him?
  • I’m interviewing OTQ runner and MUT runner Ellie Pell later today. Stay tuned.
  • Kaytlyn Gerbin continues to be one of the most overlooked women in MUT, despite recently being signed to The North Face. Anxious to see her run at Transgrancanaria next weekend.
  • Not mentioned in TWIR but told to me by someone in Atlanta: AlSal was there staying at nearby hotel. Geez dude, give it a rest.

VeloNews: Two athletes test positive for Coronavirus at bike race in Abu Dhabi and now everyone’s on lockdown in their hotel rooms.

–Well that’s nice to see! I still think that he’s the most influential person in the sport and would love to see him back on a starting line. (h/t Wyatt)

I follow Jill’s adventures closely and this years Iditarod is no exception. With temps in the -30 range, it’ll be a doozy. Follow along here.

Get yer tissues: Teen with cancer walks a marathon in the hospital. Go Joey!

Mountain Outhouse: EveryStreet, Sabrina’s new sponsor, and more.

Sometimes holy shit is appropriate and Walt Handloser’s plan for next/this(?) year is one of those times.

NPR: The science of why non alcoholic beers are better recovery drinks than “regular” beer.

Personal: Can anyone point me in the right direction to find the face stickers (?) girls wear at track meets? Usually start and hearts? I don’t think they’re regular stickers (they seem to stay on with sweat), and I don’t want to put temp tattoos on their faces that’ll be there for a week, so what are they? Any help? Thanks.

Also, Sunny ran a 6:17 1600m on Saturday and has officially proven that she can beat me. Time to get back in shape old man!

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