Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Mar 20

Ultramarathon and trail running results from this past weekend, courtesy of Jeff Stern at Ultrarunning Magazine.

Devon Yanko writes about how Lupus is affecting her racing and the vulnerability of letting everyone watch the process. Good read.

Sabrina Little writes about the virtues she does not want.  Yo Sabrina, when are you going to write a book???

Trailrunner Mag: He’s not looking for fanfare, but Jimmy Elam is a force to be reckoned with. I interviewed him in 2019 after an impressive string of victories.

I was watching the LA Marathon yesterday and getting frustrated that the elite bibs showed numbers instead of names—as most big races do. Why don’t prestige MUT races have bibs with names? Does UTMB? Is it a cost issue, or maybe the attempt to avoid a bifurcated field (elites vs “others”)?

“Here’s a new trail system in Sri Lanka that should take adventurers 19 days to complete.”
This guy: “Yeah, gimme about 58 hours. See ya at the finish.”

Sixteen year old runs a 3:55 mile and breaks Jakob Ingerbrigtsen’s AG WR. Dude ran like a pro….check it out here.

Jared Beasley writes a good piece on Laz for the NYT.

Speaking of fast miles, this project in Eugene, Oregon plants a new hazelnut tree any time an American male runs sub 4 or American female cracks 4:30.  The pace of planting has picked up in the last decade!

Beck: How kaizen affects the Japanese running culture and how that leads to incredible results.

The Atlantic: Interesting and fun article about how Subarus became so popular with lesbians.

Ultrarunning Mag/Sarah Lavender Smith: Keys to successful DIY coaching.

5:17 mile at nine months pregnant. Impressive.

Unfortunately there were some online fits and skirmishes surrounding Barkley this year as non-MUT journalists made a few attempts at painting Barkley specifically–and MUT running in general–as racist cesspools that need to be fixed. Luckily most of the negative noise was coming from outside, but it has an impact when paired with the increased attention from mainstream media and potential new runners lookin to see what we’re all about. I’m no Barkley fanboy (cool event, but it’s just really my thing), but if you’re going to lodge serious criticisms at our sport and prominent members, do it in good faith and know what the hell you’re talking about, alright?

Cover shot: My son Van and sister Kristin running Towsley Canyon Loop in Southern California on Saturday. There’s nothing in the world (well, fine, maybe one thing) that makes me happier than sharing trail time with my kids.

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