Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Mar 20

Is Tim Olson back? Chase Parnell makes a case that, based on Tim’s Transgrancanaria performance this year, we may see him atop an ultramarathon podium this year.  

Does anyone know if this “urban hiker” completed her 88 mile trek that hit every brewery in Denver?  

Monday FunDay: The ultramarathon runner’s guide to drinking.  Well done!

Have you seen A Decade On yet?  Ginger Runner Ethan Newberry documents Brian MOrrison’s return to Western States after his incredible finish/not finish 10 years prior.  Check it out here.  If you’d like to hear more specifics on Brian’s finish, here’s our interview with him from last June.

How to take downhill turns fast and hard on the trail.

Did you listen to our latest interview with Alaskan Jeremy Hinshaw? We talk surviving vs enjoying the cold, moose, hallucinations, Susitna, Mt Marathon, family balance, and a whole lot more.

That episode was sponsored by the Sierra Andina Mountain Marathon in Peru.  Held in Aug of this year, there are a few distances with one consistent aspect: High alpine running in the rural Andes. Sounds incredible!

And back to Jeremy’s episode about Alaska, here’s a CNN article on Susitna 100 from last week.

Donating blood in the middle of marathon training is not always a good idea, but this guy pulled it off OK.

New food labels and what you need to know about them.

Justin/IRF’s weekend ultramarathon and trail results from around the world.  And here’s Nancy’s recap of Chuckanut.

How did Ryan and Deena stack up against other mountain runners on singletrack in the Alps?


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