Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Mar 27

Justin/IRF’s wrap up of weekend ultramarathon and trail results.

Cool short video of Zach Miller offering some ultra wisdom at Barr Camp.

Alright, I’ll be that guy.  She wasn’t given a finish, was she?

Read it: How to change your life, one habit at a time.

Interesting: How female track and field reporters see the sport and associated coverage.  Same for MUT evens? Most coverage/writing/media is provided by males…do we cover men and women’s performances differently?

Do or die pace: You’ve got to check out the XC Championships from Uganda.  Cheptegei went from blazing fast leader too a bonk of epic proportions.  And wow, how about those crowds!!!

Speaking of XC, there’s a serious attempt to get the sport admitted back to the Olympic Games.

What’s one similarity between ultra/trail runners and NBA players?  If you guessed “we both consider PB&J sandwiches integral to our success”, go to the front of the line.

ultramarathon news
Who else got their rabbit shirt this weekend???

Essay about how running in the mountains extracts a bit more effort, but adds more to the soul.  Sound familiar anyone?

Good read: Nike’s shoe empire is built on air.

Science: Science.

There aren’t many sports where volunteering is nearly as exciting as competing in an event.  When was the last time you asked someone what race they’re working next?


Did you see the Trail Camp giveaway? Join Magda, Zach, Meghan, Hayden and some idiot with an alphorn on the Western States trail in May!  Details right this way.

Hipster doesn’t want to work. Instead, he rides his bike around the world and camps.  All sounds cool, but I’m guessing the first time this guy gets sick or injured, he’ll be begging his folks for money.

Protip: Follow Julie’s cue and take up competitive running after everyone in your age group is dead.

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