Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Mar 28

This Week in Running: All the results from trail and ultramarathon events over the weekend, courtesy of Justin Mock at iRunFar. What caught my eye: Ash takes the podium at GDR! (By the way, is Sean Blanton still the RD? Couldn’t find anything online.); The women’s race at Crown King Scramble sounds like an awesome finish; The Prairie Spirit Trail saw the women’s winner almost catch Pete Kostelnick?!? Wow; The Gorge Waterfalls lineup next week is looking awesome–especially the men’s race.

Ian’s in the desert covering Marathon des Sables and taking some incredible pictures. Follow along here.

Sonia O’Sullivan: Transgender women cannot be allowed to compete in women’s sports. (O’Sullivan is a multiple medal and championship winner in T&F and XC.)

It’s paywalled so I haven’t read it, but the UK Independent published an article apparently questioning the advantage of MtF trans athletes.

It’s always interesting to see how different countries/cultures cover controversial topics like the one above. Here’s an example.

Strange. The list for US Cities with the Best Beer overlaps fairly well with the cities popular with trail runners. Who woulda thunk it?

Martial arts, dog handling, SAR, and a busy job as an Air Traffic Controller: Cool bio of “Blue Collar Runner” Lisa Irving.

Can I request Amy Nakai as a candidate for “Blue Collar Runner?” She owns and runs a tree service, has two kids, sits on numerous BODs, and is still racing hundreds.

I’m surprised that only 2% of respondents listed “the community” as a reason they run on the trails. More results from the ATRA survey right this way.

The health benefits of volunteering at a race.

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