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Treeline Journal: Anton Krupicka is registered for Leadville 100 this year and what a win would do for the trail ultramarathon world. I’d just love to see him line up and finish the damn thing, but a win…oh, a win would be crazy.

Trailrunner Mag: I may not know a ton about ski mountaineering, but I know that Italian trail runner/skiier Martina Valmassoi did something incredible last week. Nearly 58k feet of vert in 24 hours is very hard to comprehend.

iRunFar: Justin catches up with Grayson Murphy. Want to know more? Here’s our interview with her from Dec 2019.

Two of the fastest women at the Gate River Run in Florida gave birth shortly before the race…and one of them is a former URP guest.

The AP addresses trans women in sports here and Amby Burfoot shares his opinions here. Kevin Beck has a more aggressive and straightforward version here (link fixed) that also addresses hypocrisy in running media. Whaddya think?

There’s a certain naive, in-over-my-head enjoyment of jumping into a race that is outside what our training would indicate we’re ready for. But, in my experience, there’s something missing during these types of races.

What I miss is respect. A respect for the distance.

–Mark Märzen in ultrarunning magazine “Respecting the Distance.”

If you think drug doping is a big issue, get ready for gene doping and CRISPR. Really good article that lays out the pending confusion and problems in athletics. Given the opportunity, what would you change about your body (via gene doping) to make you a better MUT runner? I honestly have no idea.

I got this shirt from the folks at rabbit last and it immediately became my top choice for running and paddling. Button down and collared and made from a stretchy material that’s punctured with thousands of venting perforations in the back. Pockets up front for necessities and snaps to easily ventilate. Highly recommended, and no, not a paid ad spot.

Scotty Sandow was one of the original cohosts of ultrarunnerpodcast back in the day and you’ve heard from him occasionally since then. Now he’s hosting the ultrarunning magazine podcast and you can find it right here with one of my favorite runners Bev Abbs.

I generally cringe when I see “how to start trail running!” in style magazines, but this one is pretty good. It doesn’t contain any information that readers of URP don’t know, but I’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Major credit for not insisting that a runner needs $2k worth of running kit to get started.

Some clarity and fairness when it comes to “dad bods.” Imagine the hysteria from the wokesters if I started writing about “mom bods.”

I had no idea Caster Semenya was planning to run the 5000 this past weekend. Impressive jump from the 200! Curious to see if she can tweak her training to drop her time a bit.

Trailrunner Mag: Improve your uphill running with step ups.

This story is not unique unfortunately. British Oly Trial Marathon winner Chris Thompson used a pair of blacked out Nike super shoes with the (begrudged) approval from his sponsor on.
(And on that note, when and if you decide to start a retail company, choose a name that is not inherently confusing in copy.)

Personal note: The wildflowers in Northern California are simply incredible right now. I ran and paddled this weekend and the oranges, purples, and yellow-carpeted hills along the trails and rivers do wonders for the soul. Pictures do no justice. If you know, you know.

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