Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Mar 30

Bruce Fordyce: At Comrades, down is up.

Mountain Outhouse: Jam Jam covers cancellations, Covid running boom, livestreams, and more.

Run Spirited: An open letter to the coronavirus from the endurance running community.

SCMP: Should we believe anything we read about food science and diet?

SI: Tokyo Olympic organizers announce new dates and schedule for 2021.

iRunFar: What’s Matt Flaherty been up to recently? Is he training? How has the new life affected his training? How can his new position affect outdoor access? So many questions!

Trailrunner Mag: Bummed about the lockdown? Consider the restrictions they’ve got on the trails in Chamonix right now.

Looks like Montreal might be close behind.

Outside/Hutch: Your warmup doesn’t matter as much as you think.

Former URP co-host Sarah Lavender Smith is dealing with corona virus up close and personal. If you’re not following her on FB, she’s got quite a story.

Remy: Woman who runs to “escape the news” hasn’t stopped running since last Wednesday.

Forbes: How C-19 is affecting your local breweries.
How are you getting your craft beer amidst this? Delivery? Vast and private stash? Curb pickup? I’m luck with NA beer that it’s easy and legal to ship, but delivery times have slowed and I’m running low!

Meanwhile, cannabis is finding its moment during the coronavirus outbreak. Most of dispensaries have switched to curbside pickup for the time being.

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