Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, Mar 30

Great piece about pedestrianism, the precursor of sorts to ultramarathons. This story is replete with “short-skirted maidens…with sturdy calves…young…and all of them were not ugly.”  But it also involves copious amounts of Pabst, gambling, and fistfights on the track. And that was the women’s division! Sounds awesome to me.

So true: The beginning is easy, and the end of the race is easy. It’s the middle miles that we need to focus on. Same goes for training.

As of this writing, Jamil Coury is the last person with a chance of finishing Barkley under the time limit.

Want to go on an epic adventure, but don’t want to foot the bill? Here’s how to get someone else to pay for it.

Yikes: Two people out running when an unleashed pug runs towards them. One of the runners kicks the dog and it dies on the scene.

Next time you run an event with slightly poor management, refer back to this failure in Qatar.

Leadville entrants list is up. Recognize any names?

Justin Houck, Chris DeNucci, Michelle Yates, and Joelle Vaught all punched their tickets to WS100 with their placements at Gorge Waterfalls this weekend.  Looks like everyone had a great time.

Trail shoes to keep an eye on this year.

Wardian’s ten favorite foods for runners.

I really really really want one of these, though I’m entirely sure how practical they are.

Big congrats to my mom for her top 10 AG finish at the fastest 5k in the world… 23:26 at Carlsbad5000.  7:32 pace at age 64.  Nice job Mom! Full rundown here.

Jean is logging almost as many racing miles as he is frequent flyer miles.

Oh boy, a new site that’ll aggregate your running workout data, then compare it with cyclists, crossfitters, etc, in your area. Triathletes’ pants just got a bit tighter.

Using the trifecta approach to accomplish your goals. Good stuff.

The letsrun MENSA team discusses “Is ultra-running a sport?” Example of debate response: (No teams, no uniforms, no fans, not televised on ESPN) = Not a Sport.

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