Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Mar 6

Ultramarathon Weekend Recap from Jeff Stern at Ultrarunning Magazine.  Way Too Cool, Jackpot 100 Mile Championships, old guys…It’s all there.  (Remember when WTC was the 50k in the country?)

Trailrunner Mag: Should endurance athletes donate blood? And if so, when?

Gorgeous video: Stage race through the country of Georgia. Any country seen through the eyes of trail runners becomes magical, doesn’t it?

Am I missing something? Why isn’t this article about Candice Burt?

So what exactly is the state of MUT journalism? We’ve got a few magazines, websites, a million podcasts and pretty robust social media, but what are people clicking on? Are the “journalists” doing the job of traditional journalists or are they (we?) just essentially fans writing about what we want to write about?  Two takes here: Matt Walsh of TrailMix writes a compelling and well organized essay about the changing landscape and zeroes in on a few key writers.  Then there’s Kevin Beck who’s got his own take on the shortcomings of the running media–including many of its key players–and how much of it is representative of modern American culture.
What do you think? Is our level of discourse and writing appropriate and fair for the size and growth of the sport? Are all sides being represented and is there a good separation between ads and editorials? Is there enough focus on running, or should outlets be advocating for causes and political angles? Are readers interested in the growth of the sport, or do they just want to read/hear/see the elites? These are all great questions.

Speaking of media, Runner’s World covers Courtney’s latest win at Transgrancanaria.

Fun thread. How would you use the money to promote the sport?

Every running town needs a Phil Snyder.

Run Spirited: Twelve ultra women who inspire us.

Looks like HOKA has reissued the Huaka as the Huaka Origin.

A Dipsea livestream? Let’s make it happen! Volunteer info right here.

There is a new 40 mile world record. Ollie Garrod broke Don Ritchie’s record (3:48 set in 1982) with a 3:45:07 (that’s 5:41/mile) over the weekend. I didn’t even realize there was a record for that distance, but hey, nice work!

A bit longer than 40 miles, the 1000 mile Iditarod Trail Invitational is still going on up north. Brrrr.  Leaderboard and live tracking right this way.

Ultrarunning Mag: Menopause for runners.

Speaking of 50 year old women, Tiffany Newell, a biological man who set the 50-55 year old women’s WR last week has “retired” from running so as not to cause a distraction.  Good on him.


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