Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Mar 7

iRunFar: Stephen Mokoka (SRA) runs his debut 50k and sets a new World Record, peeling off nearly two minutes from the previous best.

…and more results from the trail and ultramarathon world right here, courtesy of Justin Mock’s excellent TWIR column.

Buzzfeed: Beer drinkers and non-drinkers rank and review non-alcoholic beers.

A comprehensive list of the incredible women who pioneered marathon running. Great read.

For the 16th time in 18 official career marathons, not including his two super shoe exhibitions in search of Sub2, he has delivered like a father playing ping-pong with his sons.

Toni Reavis writes about the sheer dominance of Eliud Kipchoge.  
I didn’t watch the television/online coverage of the race but it sounds like the cameras and commentators essentially ignored much of the women’s race.

Jean Pommier submits his report from the USATF 100M Championships a few weeks ago.  Excellent analysis about what it takes to run a 1.1 mile course 85 times.

…and more on Camille Herron’s race and legacy from Trail Runner Magazine.

Runners in their fifties are rock stars flashing past the Joshua trees and wading through the sand on their way to a win. The sixties crowd struts whatever stuff they have left without constantly wondering if the young runners that beat them them in every other race are really that good or just cashing in on their youth. And those in their seventies can use the generous cutoff times to grit it out and make a play for their former glory.

Musings from the Grandmaster Ultra, where older folks get the glory. And hey, get the hell off my lawn.

Oldie but goodie: NOP introduces new coach.


I got quite a few comments–both posted on this site and in email–about Friday’s Daily News, specifically regarding Kevin Beck’s post about writer and coach David Roche.

As I’ve been doing for over ten years, the URP Daily News is a place where I share links I find interesting, important, challenging, and sometimes just plain ridiculous (see most LR posts.) Beck writes some great analysis on HS XC and running history, and yes, he sometimes writes some pretty harsh words about members of the running media. If you don’t like his style or subject, please don’t click the links. This isn’t difficult.

I believe that effective communication is where we are presented with different perspectives and then decide for ourselves what they’re worth. Some we embrace, some we dismiss, and some we read and shrug our shoulders. Along with the links I support each week, there are plenty I disagree with vehemently, and that’s not going to change.

Thanks for reading.

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