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Outside/Huber: Celebrating the godfather of ultramarathon running in the US, Ted Corbitt. Cool there’s a path named after him in New York, but the author makes a good point…where’s the Ted Corbitt Championship or some other big event named after the guy who dedicated his life to the sport?

iRunFar: This week, Justin Mock highlights Dave James, a blast from the past! Tragic to hear that his fiancé is facing the same issue his ex-fiance did…that’s cancer. Sounds like they’re living a rewarding life in the Grand Canyon and not focusing too much on running. Best of luck to both of them.

Rich Hanna (56yo) en route to his win at Jed Smith 50 miler. Feb, 2021. Pic by me.

Jean Pommier writes up a great report from the Jed Smith 50k/M last weekend. I hadn’t realized Rich Hanna took NINETY minutes off the previous record (Rich is 56 and just ran 5:50 (7:01/mile pace!), especially considering the windy conditions this year.
The incredible Bev Abbs (also 56 years old!) finished first for the ladies, ninety minutes ahead of the second female.

Kinda weird to celebrate International Women’s Day and Month when much of the country can’t even agree how to define “woman”, isn’t it?

Here are a few women who’ve either inspired me athletically or I just loved to watch: Suzy Favor, my mom, Martina (both Nav and Hingis), Ann Trason, Danica Patrick, Ellie Greenwood, Alyson Felix, Morgan Arritola, Allie O, and…the incredible Flo Early. As I tweeted yesterday, can someone PLEASE get her an entry into Mt. Marathon??? I understand grass is different than shale, but come on, the world needs her fearlessness and passion.
(If you’re not familiar with Flo, watch the series on Netflix.)

The latest “this’ll help your running” craze: Weighted hula hooping.

Trailrunner Mag: How stress reduction, immune responses, and vaccines are all (potentially) interacting this year. Interesting article. I’d love to hear from another expert on this, with particular focus on the Covid year long shutdown and current vax situation.

SCMP: An adorable five year old girl name with an equally cute name hikes the 70k Lantau Trail in Hong Kong to raise money for the homeless.

Trail running races opening up slowly in California. If ya don’t want to race with other athletic people in the outdoors, you don’t have to show up.

Alright, the way I see it, there are good arguments on both sides of the “how long to ban a doper” argument. Year long? Life time? Somewhere in between? You want to give people a chance in case there was an honest mistake, but WADA also needs to be tough and fair to other competitors. Can we all agree that Nelly Jepkosgei should be banned for life after lying about a car crash and forging hospital documents? You just can’t do that.

If you listened to this podcast or read Jared Beasley’s book about the incredible Al Howie, you may still be wondering about the identity of “the Pirate.” In this new post as a Contributing Editor to Treeline Journal, the story deepens….

Six good running mantras from some strong runner chicks.

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