Ultramarathon Daily News | Mon, Mar 9

IRF/TWIR: Results from Transgrancanaria, Way Too Cool, and a look towards next weekend. Hot takes:

  • Another tie? Come on.
  • Kimber Mattox wins Way Too Cool…ah, another steeplechaser winning MUT races! I still contend that being a steeplechaser is the strongest indicator for finding ultra success. Anxious to watch more of Kimber.
  • Wish I were around next week for Pioneer Spirit 50 in NorCal. That’s one of the best USATF lineups I can remember in years.

Corona, Schmarona, just signed up for a trail race in early June.

SCMP/Agnew: Most races have been cancelled in Asia, but a few are still being held. Agnew argues that the MUT community needs to embrace this new norm in our community.

Mountain Outhouse News: JamJam covers AC100, new shoes, new Triple Crown, Anton’s fifthcoming, a new 250 miler in Arizona and more!

Semi-Rad: Adventure things I once mocked but now I love. I’ll add: HOKAs, manpris, and inline skating. You?

GearJunkie: Maddie Hart is hitting the trails and bagging some big races. I’m anxious to follow her career over the next few years.

Personal: Jerome the Poodle is turning out to be a great running dog and I couldn’t be happier! One issue though is my vision, and I’d love to talk with others who have low peripheral vision and who run with dogs. Short take: I’m tripping all over the damn place on single track and he’s not helping! Any advice or tips?

BBC: Two ultra runners rescued in cold and wet Scottish Highlands. One question…what’s a bothie?

I passed a juncture that sent me rolling downhill and found that final wind of competitiveness deep inside that I needed to push, opening up my stride on a wide section of trail knowing the actual Overlook climb was only moments ahead. 

Jeff smelled the barn and had a great run at FOURmidable 50k last month.

CBS: The Elfstedentacht is a 125 mile skating event that links up 11 cities in Holland. Problem is, that hasn’t happened in over 20 years due to lack of ice. Undeterred, the passionate Dutch moved the race but still dream of its return to the canals.

How you doing with Daylight Savings Time? Every discussion between my wife Sam and I for the next few days will include whether or not it’s “really” the time it says it is on the clock.


The MUT community lost a good one this past weekend with the passing of DeWayne Satterfield. DeWayne has a long history in the sport (he just ran Grindstone 100 in October) going back decades and he’s still got four events this year on his signup page. DeWayne was diagnosed with heart cancer late last year and was one of sixteen people in the world suffering this atypical and aggressive disease. DeWayne was 55.

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