Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, May 1

Ultramarathon results from this weekend.  It’s great to see Amelia Boone running–and winning–a trail race after her tough year of injuries.  Giddy up.

The Ultimate Direction FKT grants have been announced.  Norman’s 13 looks awesome!  I can’t believe no one’s tried that yet.

Speaking of FKT, Annie Weiss is going after the Ice Age trail record.  I can’t wait to track her attempt on this tough trail.

Managing the hype: Does Nike’s Sub2 project claim really hurt anyone? Where does it fit in the pop culture landscape compared to Bernie Madoff, pro wrestling, and something called Instagram Diarrhea Tea?

Ken Goe: Nike deserves praise, not criticism, for Sub2 project. All fair points.

A good friend–newly single–told me this weekend about his ulterior motives for volunteering at trail races: “It’s great. I get to help out, but I also use it as kind of a speed dating session.”  Awesome. 

Loss of a great one: More on Ueli Steck’s death.

FitBit used to arrest man in wife’s murder.

Did you catch our most recent interview? Sarah and I chat with dietician and 100 mile closer phenom Jess Mullen about what she does to stay strong late in races, what she eats to stay fit, and the specifics of some of her workouts.  She’s also got her first crack at Western States coming up in June and we hear about her training and thoughts leading up the Big Dance.

Wyatt offers up an opinion on Anton and what he meant/means to the sport.  I agree.

You’ve seen many of those incredible Salomon trail running videos. Here’s an interview with filmmaker Dean Leslie.

Big congrats to Bob Shebest for his win at Canyons 100k this weekend.  The one thing I always ask runners after a finish is “what did you learn?” and Bob had a great answer.  I hope to have him on soon to explore it more.

A bit more on the race: The guys behind the event have managed to combine an old school feel with modern accommodations and truly put on a world class event that focuses on the runners.  I expect it to sell out even faster next year than it did this year, and hopefully become a Golden Ticket event soon.  

While Cole Watson was busy winning the 50k, his girlfriend Jocelyn was climbing her way out the canyons in the 10k division.  Good post about re-discovering her love for running after recently quitting her college team.

Sarah Keyes is taking off today for a 2 month dirt bagging road trip across the country. Final destination: Western States.  Here’s our interview with Sarah from last year, and here’s her post and schedule in case you want to meet up and run with her.  Free advice: Do it.

I’m not a fan of intentionally crossing the finish line together in a race atmosphere, but some times it makes sense.  Example one.

When you’re incarcerated, you’ve got plenty of time to train.  Cool that Dylan Bowman is lending his time to this project too.

Does this study on testosterone apply to guys impulsively signing up for races too?

Want to hear more of me yammering on? Last week I was on Like a Bigfoot podcast where we talked about podcasting, running, beer, and more.  Fun times!

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